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Girls in the Spotlight Foundation

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Helping girls find their voice

3rd - 5th Grade Students Only.

 Online sessions during PSD closures meet twice weekly.

  • March 30 - May 1 

  • Meets weekly for 5 weeks

  • 40 minutes online 2x a week)

  • Includes a journal, a Colorpockit & t-shirt

*As of March 26 supplies cannot be delivered, we will provide electronic copies of all activities. Once we can make home deliveries again, we will deliver all supplies to your door.

What happens at an after school program?

 A typical weekly club meeting includes:

  • Warmups and creative movement such as BrainDance

  • Leadership theme 

  • Topic of the day - body language, storytelling, public speaking, interviews

  • Creative writing

  • Presentation time

  • POWER word of the week 


Starting in 2019 our seasons have overarching themes that the girls explore through writing, presenting, discussions and reflections. ​See our three year curriculum themes below.

Year 1 Themes :​                              Year 2 Themes:                                      Year 3 Themes:

Fall 1 - Imagination                        Fall 1 - Heroes                                       Fall 1 - Fairies

Fall 2 - Magic                                     Fall 2 - Empathy & Project Heart            Fall 2 - Project Heart

Winter - Champions                       Winter - Superstars                               Winter - Innovators

Spring: Our Oceans​                       Spring: Our Environment                       Spring: Our Parks

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