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Life Skills

We focus on exploring the "art of communication" to build skills and  develop tomorrow's leaders.

We encourage the power of a "can-do" mindset. Girls  explore finding their voice through:

  •  body language awareness

  • emotional IQ (EQ)

  • leadership

  • public speaking skills

  • interviewing skills

  • storytelling

  • writing activities

Girls express their ideas, interests and passions while building positive experiences with their role model or mentor. These skills can help them grow into the leaders of tomorrow. 

Girls will build communication skills through self-expression.

Mother and Daughter Communicating


We believe in the power of positive influence and mentors are a key figure in their development. Any adult in a mentoring role can model the way by sharing their heart and mind - their true authentic self. Through a role model type relationship girls can explore their creativity, interests, strengths and values. We believe  women are the role models and mentors our girls need.

We encourage connection with self and other.

Yoga Class


We want girls to be confident with who they are and foster wellness at an early age. Activities are designed to acknowledge the whole girl incorporating mind, body, spirit. We encourage tuning into the body through:

  • breath work

  • body language

  • movement

  • posture

  • self care

  • acknowledging feelings

  • mindfulness 

 When we feel well, we can show up as our best selves.

Where does our curriculum come from? The curriculum for Girls in the Spotlight programs and related materials is licensed from Escape Velocity, LLC.

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