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Girls in the Spotlight is the heart work of our founder, Hope Hartman. She knows first hand how powerful the creative arts and speech and drama ( art of communication) can be in a young girl's life. Through the empowerment of self-expression and having outlets to voice passions and interests, confidence can blossom and grow. As confidence builds, anything becomes possible. Programs were designed in a foundation of wellness to support the whole girl. Within a framework of small groups of girls, forming a sense of community, young girls can start to take initiative and explore leadership.

 Our programs are designed with purpose integrating:​

  1. The art of communication

  2. Leadership skills building

We provide opportunities for girls to empower themselves with confidence, self-awareness, well-being and 21st century skills. Building and acquiring these skills can create a future full of options. Our communities grow stronger by fostering a greater consciousness than generations of the past. We have the opportunity to create more balanced leadership for the next generation.

How bright our future looks.

We believe all girls can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

Our Mission

Inspiring and empowering girls to become world class leaders.

Our Mission

Our Vision

All girls with the confidence and skills to reach their full potential.

As these girls become women, we envision elevating the role and engagement of women in business and communities world-wide.

Get involved!

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