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Podcast  Launching in 2021

We've been working towards producing a podcast since 2020 and didn't realize how COVID-19 would effect that effort. We have audio recordings to share and want to interview more girls and women alike. As well as any person who has something encouraging to share about empowering our girls! We'll be interviewing youth and adults alike on all topics related to girls  Coming soon!

Girls Voices© Volume 1

Our book project of 2021 will be:

Girls Voices© Volume 1 - a collection of interviews of real girls ages 8-18.

If you know a girl who would be interested in being a part of this project, please email Coach Hope to set up an interviewing time and to learn details on how to submit a photo:

Whatever It Takes 2020
An inspirational, community collaboration book. Filled with photos, quotes, personal stories and the journey of GITSL in 2020.
Heroes - GITSL Guided Journal
Explore what it means to be a hero. Includes feelings, creative writing space and reflections.
World Adventures - GITSL Guided Journal
A guided journal for girls to explore their feelings, ideas and dreams about traveling to the destination of their choice.
Aloha Spirit - GITSL Guided Journal
A guided journal for girls to explore the meaning of Aloha Spirit. This is a special edition that was created as our world shut down due to COVID-19.
Girls Speak Up
Coming in 2021!
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